Superkids Online Speaking Program:

Build Your Child's Self-Confidence & Communication Skills to the Highest Level When They Learn The Most Effective Techniques Taught by the World Champion of Public Speaking!

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  • Your child will learn an essential life skill that will transform them into self-confident individuals with the ability to lead & influence others.
  • Every week, your child can attend LIVE online classes that are conducted by 1st Southeast Asian World Champion of Public Speaking, Darren Tay.
  • Suitable for Students 9 to 18 Years Old Only
"Truly Transformed Our Shy, Quiet Daughter."
"I'd highly recommend this program as it has truly transformed our shy, quiet daughter!
She did amazingly well at the World Scholars Debate Competition held in Sydney this morning!
A BIG thank you!"
- By Sarah

A Little
About Darren

He was a shy introvert at 14 years old but overcame many personal obstacles and became the World Champion of Public Speaking at age 27.

After emerging #1 out of 30,000 speakers from 42 countries worldwide, he has appeared on BBC World News, CNA, CNN and many other media channels.
Darren shares some insights about his winning speech as he was interviewed on BBC World News
Darren shares 3 public speaking tips as he was being interviewed on CNA.

5 Different Reasons
Why Parents Like You Send Their Child for Speaking 
& Communication 
Skills Classes: 

Because your child seem to have low self-esteem and self-confidence
Because your child is a little too shy to speak up in front of people and articulate their ideas and thoughts
Because you want your child to develop strong communication skills at a young age
Because developing communication skills is a an important life skill which can help your child to become a confident & likable leader
Because it’s a lifetime skill that can help your child to standout in a world where everyone is equally talented and skilled
"Our daughter change a lot in different ways specially her confidence.."
“Our daughter was a shy person and don't want to mingle with others. After attending the Public Speaking Class our daughter change a lot in different ways specially her confidence has developed in different ways. We are very grateful and thankful of her her new achievements.”
- By Plaridel Obando (Parent of Esther)
"Within a month there is a big change in her.."
“My daughter was very active for all group activities but was shy to participate for any individual program. Recently, there was a school activity, a drama presentation with classmates in zoom meeting. Her teacher selected her as captain. The way she was co ordinated with the team members and her arrangements with the team for the costumes and dialogues was fantastic. I was surprised, once i saw the video at the end. She started her training from December 2020, within a month there is a big change in her.”
- By Sajeevan (Parent of Niharika)

Lack of Communication Skills Leads To Low Self-Confidence.

This is why it's a skill that’s highly recommended by many top successful individuals:
"The one easy way to become worth 50% more than you are now - at least - is to hone your communication skills (public speaking)."
-Legendary Billionaire Investor Warren Buffet
"Communication Is The Most Important Skill Any Leader Can Possess"
- Founder of Virgin Group Sir Richard Branson

This is Why Many Years Ago
We Started Helping Hundreds
of Children to Develop A Valuable
Skill & Over the Years They’ve Become:

Self-confident individuals who are able to speak and present in front of people fearlessly
Capable individuals who are able to open new opportunities for themselves as they get noticed & stand out during interviews
Individuals who have strong people skills & understand how to persuade and influence

The Positive Impact that We’ve Made on Children’s lives Around Us Has Inspired Us to Make a Bigger Impact &  Expand Our Training to Children Around the World:

This is why we’ve finally designed an online speaking and communication skills program for children called “SuperKids Speaking Program!”

What’s this online training program all about?

  • SuperKids Speaking Program is a 12 months online speaking & communication skills program for children.
  • Classes are LIVE and held online weekly. Each session is 1.5 hours.
  • After completing 12 months, your child will be awarded a certification of completion.

What's So
Unique About
SuperKids Online
Speaking Program?

Interactive Hands-on Classes

Instead of a boring sit-and-listen class, children will be engaged with different activities. During the weekly online classes, there will be multiple opportunities for your child to implement what they learn right away. This will allow them to fully retain what they learn during the class.

Knowledge Based on Real-World Experience

Your child will be taught based on real-world practical experience and NOT just based on theory or books. They will learn different techniques that are developed by Public Speaking World Champion, Darren Tay, who has 15 years of training experience.
Most recently, he conducted a training for teachers in Hong Kong. Plus, training for companies such as Google, Samsung, SalesForce and many others.

Blindspot Feedback

Your child also be given feedback so that they are fully aware of mistakes to avoid & become an effective communicator. This is something your can can NEVER get by reading a book or watching videos.

Here’s a Glimpse of
What Your Child Will Learn
During this 12-Month Program:

Body Language Secrets

Body Language Secrets

● Learn the most effective way to use non-verbal communication for 1-on-1 or presentations

● How to use hand gestures or your body to bring out your charisma & be likable

Self- Confidence & Overcoming Anxiety

Self- Confidence & Overcoming Anxiety

● Exercises or techniques you can use on a day-to-day basis win over your fear all the time!

● How to calm your nerves down before any intense speaking situations

Storytelling & Speech Crafting

Storytelling & Speech Crafting

● A powerful tool that can be used to share ideas in a compelling way

● How to craft your story or speech that keeps people listening from start to finish

Interpersonal Communication Skills

Interpersonal Communication Skills

● How to win over & create a stunning first impression in the first few mins for 1-on-1 or in a small group setting

● How to communicate & articulate your views clearly so you're a good leader that people will follow

Impromptu Speaking Techniques

Impromptu Speaking Techniques

● How to think fast on your feet using different types of presentation formulas

● How you can quickly respond to questions that are tough to answer which can also be applied to exams

Here's other public speaking techniques that will be covered during other classes...

● Voice Projection & Tonality

● Critical Thinking Skills

● Emceeing & Stage Presence

● The art of persuasion
● Interview & Oral Exam Strategies

● Linguistics & Vocal Variety

● And so much more...

SuperKids Online
Speaking Program Details

Class Date & Time: 
Every Saturday, 1.5 Hours
3:30pm to 5pm (Singapore/KL/Manila Time)
2:30pm to 4:00pm (Bangkok/Jakarta Time)
11:30am to 1:00pm (Dubai Time)
1pm to 2:30pm (India Time)
3:30pm to 5pm (Perth Time)

Next Upcoming LIVE Class Date:
Sep 3, Saturday

Venue: Online LIVE Through Zoom
Program Fee (from as low as $12.25 per class):
● Our Group Children Classes Are Normally US$192 per month 
but this month you can enjoy our online classes at 74% OFF
● Choose ANY 3 flexible options below which you can cancel anytime
How to Enroll?
 Simply click on the "Buy Now" button:


US$497 per

$497 billed monthly

*After completing your payment, you will receive a welcome email
and a separate email to access the eLearning Portal.*
(Do note that your subscription plan auto-renews automatically. 
If you wish to cancel, you can do so in the eLearning website portal)

Summary of What Your Child Gets:

  • Weekly LIVE Online Classes conducted by World Champion of Public Speaking, Darren Tay
  • Downloadable Weekly In-Class Exercise Worksheets
  • Past Lesson Recordings (hosted on vimeo)
  • Monthly Competency E-Badge Awards
  • Free Certification Exam at the End of Month 12
  • Private Facebook Group Access

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Qns: How do I enroll my child for the "Superkids Program"?

Ans: You can enroll by clicking on any “buy now” button in this section above. Select one of any 3 payment options available. After clicking on the "buy now" button, enter your contact details. On the next step, enter your payment details and you're done! You'll then receive a welcome email and a separate email to access the eLearning Portal.

Qns: Is there any refund guarantee or trial?

Ans: Currently there isn’t refund guarantee or trial. However, you can choose to first signup for the flexible monthly payment option. This will allow you to give it a try for a month or two. You can cancel easily if you feel that this program isn't right for your child as you are NOT locked into any contract. You have full flexibility and control to cancel at any time! To cancel, you can conveniently do so in the eLearning Website Portal before your renewal date (your renewal date is the day that you sign up).

Qns: This program is suitable for children of what age?

Ans: This program is suitable for ages 9 to 18 years old.

Qns: What if my child misses a class?

Ans: In the event that your child misses a class due to some unforeseen circumstances, not to worry! A recording of the lesson will be available in the eLearning Portal. These recordings will be made available for 30 days. Past lesson recordings are hosted on Vimeo.

Qns: How many classes will there be monthly?

Ans: There will be a total of 4 classes per month, held every Saturday. In the event that a month has 5 weekends, we will have lessons on the first 4 weekends. Lessons will not be affected by public holidays.

Qns: After Signing Up, how will my child be able to attend the online classes?

Ans: After signing up, you’ll need to create an account for our eLearning Portal which is an easy 2-step process. Your child will then be able to attend the online classes through an online video conferencing software called Zoom. The link to join the online classes will be provided in your child’s eLearning Portal or through e-mail invite.

Qns: What if Darren is unable to conduct classes due to unforeseen circumstances?

Ans: In the event that Darren can't teach due to some unforeseen circumstances, a member from Darren's Team will conduct the class. The trainer is someone who has been personally trained by Darren who also adopts the same teaching principles & methodology.

A Personal Message
from Your Child's Trainer Darren Tay

(1st Southeast Asian World Champion of Public Speaking):

I was once a very shy boy at 14 years old.

After an embarrassing experience at 12, I will shy away and avoid class presentations as much as possible.

I was very soft-spoken.

But things changed when my English teacher “forced” me to present.

I remember presenting a book summary on Harry Potter.

Since then, I studied and tried many ways to conquer my fear of public speaking.

By age 27, I was brave enough to speak on stage wearing white underwear.

That speech led me to become the World Champion of Public Speaking.

Little did I know that public speaking can change my life in so many ways.

I wasn’t expecting it. But it gave me a lot of confidence in life.

Confidence to deal with obstacles.

Confidence to speak in front of people.
Confidence to pursue my dreams.

Through applying different techniques & with the help of a few mentors

What was once my weakness, turned into a strength.

Today, I've trained both adults and kids in 18 different countries worldwide.

It gives me great inspiration & fulfillment whenever I help others become confident communicators and find their voice.

If I wasn’t ever pushed by my English Teacher to speak up, my life would not have been the same.

More About The Trainer, Daren Tay

1st Southeast Asian World Champion of Public Speaking & Founder of Public Speaking Academy Pte Ltd

Darren Tay was the 1st Singaporean to win the World Champion of Public Speaking in 2016.

He was in fact a very soft spoken boy at the age of 14 but overcame all odds to become the World Champion of Public Speaking at 27 years old.

He had to survive many rounds of competition throughout 6 months before being able to enter the finals held in Washington, DC.

He emerged #1 out of 30,000 speakers from 42 countries worldwide and was awarded World Champion of Public Speaking in 2016.

His achievement attracted a lot media attention and so he was featured:
-  Channel NewsAsia
- Yahoo! Finance
- Business Insider
and many others.

More About Public Speaking Academy

Public Speaking Academy Pte Ltd is no stranger to teaching and training others.

Their mission is to help individuals to fulfill their dreams and aspirations through Public Speaking. They believe that it’s an underestimated skillset that can actually play a huge impact on a person’s future and career.

Till date, they have trained close to 100,000 people worldwide in 18 different countries.

Locally they have also conducted training for a number of companies in Singapore. 

Some of their Corporate Clienteles include DBS Bank, HSBC, Google, SMU, NUS, NTU and many others.

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